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Running order for the Huhtamaki NZ Barista Championship 2014

Running order announced
1. 11:15am Corey Scott, Mojo Coffee
2. 11:35am Addison Dale, Pure Cafe Co
3. 11:55am Nick Clark, Flight Coffee Specialty Coffee Roasters
4. 12:15pm Alex Casserly, The Crafted Coffee Company
5. 12:35pm Gwilym Jones, Mojo Coffee
6. 12:55pm Justin Min Young Baek, McCafe
7. 1:15pm Greg Phillips, Bell Tea and Coffee
8. 1:35pm Isaac Hong, The Shelf
9. 1:55pm Alan Bruce, Mojo Coffee
10. 2:15pm Ali Slotemaker, Rabbit Island Coffee
11. 11:15am Lani Korving, Mojo Coffee
12. 11:35am Albert Au, Bespecialty
13. 11:55am Alla Heta, Bell Tea and Coffee
14. 12:15pm Grace Stewart, Butlers Chocolate Café
15. 12:35pm Andrew Lavich, Mojo Coffee
16. 12:55pm Wonjun Kim, Mc cafe
17. 1:15pm Mark Chirnside, Lumes Coffee
18. 1:35pm Adam Mather, Espresso Republic
19. 1:55pm Tait Burge, Mojo Coffee
20. 2:15pm Hanna Teramoto, Espresso Workshop
21. 2:35pm Ken Shi, Roma Coffee Roasters
22. 2:55pm Sam Miskimmin, Mojo Coffee
23. 3:15pm Byung-Kyu (BK) Kang, Kokako Organic Coffee Roastery