Cup Tasters Championship Competitors

The Huhtamaki Cup Tasters Championship is on this Friday 5pm Mojo Coffee, Shed 13, Wellington
Come on down & support your favourite cupper!
Hideyuki Kono, Crafted Coffee Company
Iain Penhale, GoBang
Charlie Self, Excelso
Bjorn Waling, Excelso
Chloe Zhou, Crafted Coffee Company
Kristiane McGregor, Coffee Lab and Planet Espresso
Woohyung Lee, Kaffeine Corner
Kesorn Nakharin, Caffe L’affare Ltd
Stuart Hargie, Bell Tea & Coffee
Matt Greenwood, Bell Tea & Coffee
Scott Pepler, Cerebos
Averil Cooper, Cerebos
Megan Barker, Flight Coffee
Masako Yamamoto, Atomic Coffee Roasters
Bridget Zimmerman, Coffee Supreme