Instructor Development Program (IDP) in Nelson

The New Zealand Specialty Coffee Association (NZSCA) in association with the New Zealand School of Coffee will host a Instructor Dvelopment Program (IDP) course on 30th August in Nelson.
The SCAA Instructor Development Program is one of our most popular professional development programs. Specialty Coffee Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) can advance their training and education skills through workshops on adult learning principles in the workplace, instructional design (based on the ADDIE model developed by the American Society for Training & Development), testing, evaluation and class management.
Upon completion of the one-day program, students earn the SCAA Lead Instructor Credential and are eligible to volunteer as a Lead Instructor or Station Instructor at SCAA events, through vetting by the SCAA Professional Development Committee. Furthermore, the Lead Instructor Credential is an extremely useful skill set for those professionals with training responsibilities in their companies. There is no obligation to teach at SCAA events upon achieving the SCAA Lead Instructor Credential.
Many students enthusiastically report an increase in quality and delivery of their training and instructional design in their own companies after completing the IDP. This course is particularly beneficial for the coffee expert who trains others, but has no formal coursework in training, adult education, or organizational learning. The SCAA Lead Instructor Credential brings professionalism to any trainer’s qualifications, but also provides real skills that are a benefit to any business, such as Instructional Design, applied theories of Adult Learning, classroom management strategies, measuring learning and success metrics, test analysis and basics of design, and more.
Date: 30th August
Venue: New Zealand School of Coffee, 16 Elms Street, Stoke
City: Nelson
Price: $380 + gst for NZSCA members, $420 + gst for non-members
Instructor: Emma Markland Webster
To enroll contact: T: 021 415 810
The learning objectives of this program are:
Recognizing education and training as an element of organizational success.
Orientation to the SCAA’s Professional Development department.
Incorporating your company’s mission, vision and strategic goals into your training initiatives.
Instructor and trainer competencies for the SCAA and at work.
Applying adult learning principles.
Recognize four key adult learning principles
Grasp basics of adult learning theory and begin translating theory into practice.
Identify characteristics of adult learners and take them into consideration when conducting classes.
Recognize how adult learners process information, and strategize class design.
Setting clear, measurable skill and knowledge objectives.
Designing instruction using the ADDIE model of the American Society for Training and Development.
Exhibiting professional presentation skills.
Evaluating learner performance and leveraging learning back at work.
IDP participation is a compulsory qualification for the Specialist Instructor credential.
“When I was in New Zealand I was lucky enough to be able to attend the SCAA’s Instructor Development Program course that was being run there. It was great to do a course that combined solid educational theory, but put together by people sympathetic to the specific challenges of coffee and barista training. I cannot adequately describe how much I enjoyed it. Barista training is still a part of my day to day work, and learning about how to train has been on my list of ‘stuff to do’ for a while. I feel much more capable in my capacity to create a training program, structure lesson plans and how to teach in a way that has direct, effective outcomes.” – James Hoffmann, Square Mile Coffee Roasters, London, UK