Specialised Instructor Course 2014 Nelson

The New Zealand Specialty Coffee Association (NZSCA) in association with the New Zealand School of Coffee will host a Specialised Instructor (Barista) course from 25th August to 29th in Nelson.
The week-long course will enable companies to have access to the full course material (lesson plan, supply lists, power point presentation) and will provide attendees with the skills to train their own staff and wholesale clients to internationally recognised instructor standards.
Attendees must sit and pass all examinations to be eligible for the Specialised Instructor credential.
Space is limited to six students. Course fee includes lunch, accommodation and additional meals are the responsibility of attendees.
Course fee: $2500 + gst
Dates: Monday 25th August – Friday 29th August
Time: 9am – 5pm
Venue: New Zealand School of Coffee, 16 Elms Street, Stoke, Nelson
Instructor: Emma Markland Webster, Specialised instructor in Barista, Brewing, Sensory Analysis & Cupping.
E: emma@monstercoffee.co.nz T: 021 415 810 for more information or to enroll
More information:
What is the Specialised Instructor Credential?
The Specialised Instructor Credential is a qualification developed by the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA). Specialised Instructors are entrusted with the SCAA International Education Partnership License (IEPL) course material and have access to the resources to be able to teach their own students directly. Those students could be within your own company, wholesale customers or even to the greater public.
The Specialised Instructor credential exists for the following disciplines – Barista, Roaster, Brewing, Sensory Analysis & Cupping.
The NZSCA is holding Specialised Instructor training for Barista.
The NZSCA retains control of the examination process should your students elect to certify.

How do I become a Specialised Instructor in NZ?
We are putting together a pathway so that Coffee Professionals within NZ can become Specialised Instructors. Coffee Professionals who elect to enroll in this course could be Specialised Instructors by the end of November.
Specialised Instructors in the Barista discipline must:
1. Be certified to Barista Guild of America (BGA) Level Two
2. Hold the SCAA Examiner Credential
3. Be a Station Instructor in at least four classes and demonstrate a strong ability to lead a class
4. Attend and participate in the Instructor Development Program (IDP) that qualifies you as a Lead Instructor
5. Provide the NZSCA with two references verifying coffee training in day to day role
Students who are already Level One Certified will be able to achieve Station Instructor hours on the Monday and Tuesday of the block course. (course cost remains the same)
The course schedule for the week 25th August – 29th August:
Monday9:30am-5pm: BGA Level One, Introduction to Espresso Parts 1 & 2; Customer Service
Tuesday9am-5pm: BGA Level One, Introduction to Cupping; and Introduction to Brewing & Extraction
Wednesday9am-5pm: BGA Level One, Practical and Written tests
Thursday9am-5pm: BGA Level Two, Seed to Cup; Grind Dose Tamp Extract; Espresso machine preventative maintenance
Friday9am-5pm: BGA Level Two, Espresso bar efficiency and workflow; Latte Art Part 1
Read the BGA Handbook that outlines the course work here>

We recognise that not everyone has attended IDP, so we have scheduled a class.
30th August, New Zealand School of Coffee, 16 Elms Street, Stoke, Nelson: Instructor Development Program (1 day) – $380 + gst (maximum 12 students)

There is a compulsory stand down period of three months between training Level Two until the Level Two examination.
November 19th- 21st, New Zealand School of Coffee, 16 Elms Street, Stoke Nelson 2014: BGA Level Two examination, SCAA examiner credential class (2 days) – part of the $2500 Specialised Instructor course fee.

So long as students pass all the examinations along the way and demonstrate a strong ability to teach, they will become qualified as Specialised Instructors at the end of November and be able to start teaching the courses to students.