Meadow Fresh New Zealand Latte Art Championship 2019 winner – HOONY CHAE

Representing New Zealand at the World Champion Latte Art in Berlin this June is Hoony Chae of Mojo Coffee in Auckland.
Our Runner-up is Leo Li of Newbie Cafe in Auckland. Leo was our Champion for two years running.
Third place goes to John HoJun Sung of Grey Street Kitchen in Hamilton.
Charanjeet Singh Saini of Global Byte Cafe in Invercargill, Isabella Brown of Browne Street in Auckland and Biao Zheng of Woolfy’s Cafe in Auckland rounded out the top six.
The 17 artists from Invercargill to Auckland competed over two rounds. The open (preliminary) round allowed competitors a total of eight minutes stage time.  They were asked to pour two matching sets: four total drinks: two matching free pour lattes and two matching designer pattern lattes (which may incorporate etching, or similar techniques, and surface decoration). Note: Artists may use food colouring but this will be limited to one colour & to highlight only.
The final round allowed the competitors 10 minutes stage time.  In this time they were asked to pour three matching sets: six drinks: two separate sets of matching free pour lattes and one set of matching designer pattern lattes (designer lattes may incorporate etching or similar techniques, and surface decoration). Note that artists were able to use food colouring but this was limited to one colour and to highlight only.
Meadow Fresh had sponsored two of our competitors and Tom Abercrombie was on hand to present the trophies.
An epic day of food trucks, music, and crowd interaction in a fantastic venue has elevated this exciting visual event to new levels of awesomeness! La Marzocco were the perfect hosts and they put a cow on the roof! With the coffee sponsor Flight flowing into our packaging sponsor, Castaway cups, the crowds were entertained, educated and spoilt.  Meadow Fresh had created interactive pouring competitions with a chance to win some sweet prizes through the “Pour like a Pro”.
Congratulations to all seventeen artists from Invercargill to Auckland who battled it out in a tense day requiring nerves of steel. The inspiration behind the artistic creations makes for a tasty feast for the eyes. Animals were the inspiration of the day and the art was incredible!
Special thanks to the volunteers for helping – see you next time to compete!
Massive thanks to all our sponsors, venue host La Marzocco, volunteers, judges and the spectators who support our coffee industry.
Hoony would like to thank his coach Eddie Chae and his team from Mojo.  “I am looking forward to Berlin and will try my absolute best,” he said.  We wish him and team New Zealand good luck for this June.
Photo Credit Yuki Zheng (@jjang.yongjii)