Sample Roasting made affordable and easy

Kaffelogic is a New Zealand designed and made sample roaster now being used by coffee professionals and enthusiasts in over 24 countries. A true New Zealand success story, we want to share the product with our NZSCA family of members.

“Why sample roast?”  Research tells us that 75% of New Zealand roasters do not currently sample roast their coffee on a regular basis, if at all. That result surprised us. Sample roasting should be regular and an important part of your overall roast production system. Quality control, exposing defective coffee, evolving existing production roast profiles and developing new profiles for origins and blends are all reasons why every professional roaster should be sample roasting.

Kaffelogic’s first model the Nano 7, is a sophisticated 120gm batch sample roaster with an exceptional profiling software included to bring out the best in any roasters production facility.

“Why are only 25% of New Zealand roasters sample roasting regularly, if at all?”  Quite simply, sample roasting equipment is either hugely expensive with traditional drum systems costing in excess of $10k, or are old technology with no reliable software to accurately record results, manipulate profiles for future production, and create consistent results.  Kaffelogic addresses all these issues.

“Can I integrate Kaffelogic with my production equipment and existing profiling software?” The Kaffelogic profiling software studio is designed to be integrated with several current software platforms including Artisan, Cropster and Sono Fresco. Talk to our support team to arrange a session to discuss your individual needs.

“I like to delve deep into my profiles and make small adjustments to suit my style of roasting, can I achieve this with Kaffelogic Studio?” Yes you absolutely can. We pride ourselves as having developed a profiling tool that is second to none so features such as time based zone settings, profile corner creation and manual override of fan/ element power settings are accessible to the advanced user in our settings menu.

“I am a bit of a technophobe, and like simple things to work with, how will Kaffelogic work for me and my business?”  Kaffelogic is perfect for you! Our software is so easy to learn to use but with our recently released core profiles you will be able to roast any coffee within nominated altitude bands to allow optimum flavour development by simply choosing the desired profile and pushing the start button. So, don’t worry if you have that phobia about all things tech, we make it easy to for anyone to sample roast!

“I love this but would like some guidance, what support does Kaffelogic give to me?” Kaffelogic has a great support team ready to guide you through getting the most out of your Kaffelogic to meet your specific needs. As part of our NZSCA members offer you can book a 1 hour, one-on-one video session with one of our team to help to make sample roasting a regular feature of your business. This offer is valued at $120.00 and available when you purchase your Kaffelogic through the NZSCA members benefit program.

“BREAKING NEWS”  A Ready to Drink’ roast profile has been peer-reviewed and has the tick of approval. We think this is a world first, contact us to find out more about roast profiles that require no rest period and can be consumed immediately following roasting.

NZSCA Members Special Offer (for a limited time)

We are pleased to provide the following offer to all members as follows:

+ 1 x Kaffelogic Nano 7 Roaster

+ Free shipping

+ 12 core profiles provided with your machine (including the ground-breaking ‘RTD’ profiles.

+ A one hour, one-on-one session with Wayne Burrows to assist you to set up your very own sample roasting system and provide general tuition to maximise your sample roasting experiences. Value: $150.00

+ A second one-hour session with Wayne at ½ price if required.

+ Optional 3 easy payments: (current NZSCA members only) Order your Kaffelogic, pay 1/3rd now and the balance over the next 2 months. (note: subject to approved customer)

Satisfaction guarantee: If you don’t like your Kaffelogic for whatever reason, just send it back to us within 7 days of receiving it and we will refund your money, no questions asked. (Actually, we probably will ask why, as this has never happened before!!)

Option 1: Order now and pay now, just $900.00 + GST. (Saving over $200.00)

Option 2: Order now and pay in 3 easy payments just $960.00 + GST: (as per above)

Satisfaction Guaranteed: Try it, don’t like it, return it!

To order, please email sales@kaffelogic.com or call John Robson on 021 334 332. (And don’t forget to mention you are an NZSCA member!)