Member “Shout Out” – Foundation Coffee

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What is your core business? Foundation Coffee roasts coffee, supplies, sells, and services machines nationally.

When did you start trading? January 1997

Give us a three-sentence summary of your company: Foundation Coffee is a wholly-owned NZ business, we specialize in roasting coffee on a 60kg IMF roaster. We supply business to business customers nationally with bespoke automatic and manual coffee machines.
We are also an agent for VBM and Mazzer and sell and service domestic machines nationally.

Who are your customers? A variety of business to business and domestic customers across New Zealand

Describe your ideal customer: Anyone that enjoys 100% arabica roasted coffee.

How do you reach your customers? We deal with online and direct customers – our coffee roastery is based in Albany, Auckland.

What’s something you sell/offer that not many people might know about: A lot of people don’t realize that we also sell and service a range of Italian domestic machines alongside our business to business larger automatic machines.

Tell us about any advances over time that you’ve embraced. These may be technological, sustainability, or HR for example We specialize in developing sustainable solutions for our customers that reduce waste and cost from their businesses, we have lots of examples we can share once you become our customer…

What has been the project/concept/service that you’re most proud of? We won {a big international’s} NZ’s largest customer and replaced their machinery with top-of-the-line fresh roasted coffee. At the same time, we saved them tens of thousands in spending while reducing 1000’s of pods from going to waste.

What gets you and your team out of bed in the morning? Why do you do what you do? We make life easy for our customers – simple but it works.

Do you think the expertise of industry is appreciated by the general coffee drinking public? No – and there is not enough education about the real cost of a cup of coffee.

In an ideal world, where would you like to see the future of our industry? More industry-specific working groups.

What’s in the future for your company? Any current projects that you are proud of? Lots as above.

Jamie Galloway –